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County Will Help Library

The Jeff Davis County Commission took the necessary steps to keep the Jeff Davis County Public Library open at its meeting last Tuesday.
At the January meeting, the commissioners were informed that, because cuts had been made in the county’s share of operating funds to go to the library, the library did not have enough funds to remain open.
At Tuesday’s meeting, County Administrator Heather Scott recommended the commissioners amend the county budget to add $14,000 to go to the library. The commissioners approved the recommendation.
In other business, the board ….
…. heard a request from Paul Bridges that two roads be accepted by the county so they can be scraped and kept passable. The commissioners agreed to get someone from the Road Department to look at the roads to make sure they meet the county’s standards.
…. agreed to accept the low bid for recreation department baseball fields improvements if the bid included all the work needed.
…. approved the annual public defenders contract.
…. approved signing a letter of intent to make improvements to the Department of Family and Children Services building.
…. agreed to advertise for a seat on the Board of Tourism.
…. approved a motion to proceed with public notice to close Ussery Road from the Broxton Highway to Oak Grove Road.
…. agreed to approve a payment to the county of $12,000 for damage done to McCall Road in Denton, after clarification on the length of the repairs.
…. agreed to open a bank account for the construction of the new law enforcement center.
…. heard an update from County Attorney Andy Ramay.
…. agreed to put up another U.S. flag in the meeting room so commissioners could see the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance.
…. discussed the fact that the county’s mobile home ordinance requires that mobile homes be underpinned but there are a number of mobile homes not underpinned.
…. discussed what to do with the burned out E-911/EMS/EMA building. After discussion, it was agreed to advertise for bids to have the building torn down and to build a new EMS building on the same site.
…. went into closed session. After reopening the meeting, the commissioner’s agreed to hire an accounts payable clerk for the commission and to hire two employees for the road department.

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