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Voters approve package sales

By a razor-thin margin, Hazlehurst voters approved the sale of alcoholic beverages by the package in the city limits of Hazlehurst Tuesday.
The Yes votes outnumbered the No votes by 132-127. Advanced voting numbers were tied 70-70 while Tuesday’s election day voting was 62-55 in favor of the sales and only two absentee ballots were cast, both opposing the measure.
Only 259 votes were cast in the election, which was 12.5% of the eligible voters in the city.
In Denton, incumbent Mayor Matt McCall out-polled challenger Roman Coley Davis 47-13, getting more than 78% of the 60 ballots cast.
All three incumbent city council members were unopposed as Hugh Don Smith, James Thompson Jr. and Sheila G. Wilcox will continue as council members.

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