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Old Dog & New Tricks — By Tommy Purser

Buying a new computer should be easy. Shouldn’t it? Not in the least.
I had been hanging on to my old iMac, despite its shortcomings, slowness, and incompatibility with many of the newer programs I want to use.
Finally, my old computer just became too incompatible with too many things. I loathe upgrading because doing so always seems to mean I can no longer use some of my favorite apps.
But I finally reached my wits end and bought the latest iMac model. But weaning myself off my old iMac has been brutal.
Last week, I had to use three different iMacs to get the paper out. This week, I’m down to two. And it’s still a challenge.
I’m an old dog. Trust me. And you know what they say about old dog’s learning new tricks ….
Well, it’s true.
I had become too comfortable with my old, out-of date iMac and now I’m forced to learn new tricks.
Trust me. The learning curve has been steep.

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