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Taylor elected Probate Judge

Jeff Davis County voters displayed their strong support for Donald Trump and his Republican party by giving him 84% of the vote in Tuesday’s election.
In the only local contested race, Republican Jason Taylor handily topped Democrat Glenn L. Harris Sr., 4,085-753, 84.44% of the votes.
Trump topped Joe Biden locally, 4,167-755. Libertarian Jo Jorgenson received 35 votes, 0.71% of the vote.
Republicans got the nod from Jeff Davis voters across the board. Senator David Perdue topped John Ossoff 4,058-751, Doug Collins and Kelly Loeffler topped the 20-person Senate race with 1,573 and 1,475 votes respectively, with Kandiss Taylor getting 725 and Raphael Warnok 411.
In the House District 12 race Rick Allen out-polled Liz Johnson 3,999-741. State Rep. Dominic LaRiccia easily topped Michael Moore 1,539-241,and incumbent District Attorney Jackie Jonson got the nod over Keith Higgins 3,069-1,541.
In statewide results at press time, Trump narrowly topped Biden 2,380,946-2,278,123. Perdue narrowly defeated Ossoff, and Warnock and Loeffler are headed for a runoff.
In the District Attorney race it appears Independent Keith Higgins unseated Incumbent Jackie Johnson.

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