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Mr. Robert James Geier, 84

Mr. Robert James Geier, 84, of Hazlehurst, died Dec. 24 at Lumber City Nursing Home.
Mr. Geier was born June 27, 1934, to the late Louis John Geier and the late Kathrine Kissling Geier.
He worked in maintenance with Olin Wooten Trucking and is preceded in death by his brother, Charles Geier.
Wainright-Parlor Funeral Home was in charge.

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  1. Jim on July 18, 2022 at 11:37 am

    I’m sad to just learn of Bob’s passing. I worked with Bob for many years when he lived in Phoenix, specifically at Chris-Town Shopping Center. He was most likely the hardest worker, strongest and one with the most energy and never lazy. He was able to outwork most young men and I was always impressed with his ability. I remembered also how intelligent he was and I often saw him work on difficult crossword puzzles that I couldn’t attempt to complete. I asked Bob a number of times while he was in his late 40’s and early 50’s to enroll in college classes to further his ambitions. He said he was once tested and I remember him telling me that the examiner was impressed with his IQ. I had no doubt about the results. Bob was fearless and would stand up to anyone making idle or serious threats and would never be intimidated. I admired that in him and I learned a few very good lessons. Bob was also very funny and quick witted, his comebacks had me laughing long after the comedic situation passed. I have so many stories of him to tell and I have repeated them to many and I laughed as hard. There was another side to Bob that I believe hurt him that dwelt deep inside. I wished it could have been different for him although I’m sure most of us have an issue or two. I didn’t want anymore time to pass to let viewers know of Bob’s redeeming qualities, he was one of a kind, a New Yorker at heart. I sincerely wish Bob a peaceful eternity. I only wished I had the opportunity to tell him in person. Just know that whatever his accomplishments or shortcomings he was a man to be valued and not judged. I hope another day doesn’t pass to not let someone know how we feel about them. People are precious and worth our prayers, kindness and concern.

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