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Republicans meet here

The Jeff Davis County Republican Party met at the public library last week, greeting a local candidate and discussing local issues. John Johnson, candidate for District Attorney, highlighted some of the issues facing the Brunswick Judicial District and how they affect people in Jeff Davis County.
Two local issues provided lively debate: solar panels and school taxes. On the topic of excusing taxpayers over 65 from paying school taxes, it was pointed out that the school board has a multimillion dollar build up over the years. Removing seniors from the tax rolls would cost the system $450-500 thousand per year, so the resulting income loss could be manageable.
Much has been made elsewhere about solar farms in the area. The arguments come down to landowners’ rights, the plight of neighbors, and the considerable tax income the solar companies pay to the county. No consensus was reached, reflecting the debates happening community-wide.
The meeting concluded with strategies to grow the party and work with other local county parties on issues affecting the region in general.
The next meeting will be Sept. 5 at the library. State Representative Bill Werkheiser will be on hand to give a legislative update. Refreshments will be served, so come for the fellowship, come for the information, or come for the food, all are welcome.

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