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JV Soccer

On Feb. 6, the Jeff Davis JV soccer team went up against Bleckley’s JV team for a successful day at the office for the Jeff Davis JV boys as they came out on top 3-2 after a dominant performance.
The man of the match was Derek Cruz, a promising prospect, who scored a double on his debut and single handedly led his team to victory.
During the first half, Cruz scored 25 ft. away from the goal. Soon Bleckley scored a goal to tie the match before halftime. Entering the second half, a free kick was awarded to the JD boys. Fabian Valdelamar crossed the ball into the box where Jordy tapped the ball inside the goal to give his team back the lead and make it 2-1. Not a minute went by and Derek again asserted his dominance by shooting an outside the box banger that would secure the boys a 3-2 win.

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