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Thankful For Foresight — By John Reed

Thankful For Foresight
Monday morning quarterbacks usually have 20/20 vision. Always plenty of “I told you so” after any big news item or sporting event. Hindsight is easy, but what about foresight?
Those of us with grandchildren face the daunting task of planning for their future when make out will’s and estate plans. How can we know what those kids will need when they’re grandparents themselves?
Teachers’ lesson plans are essentially outlines for their students’ future learning. Farmers must look ahead to have successful crops…as much as 30 years if the crop is timber. City planners must decide where drainage systems need to go in order to allow for future growth.
Two centuries and more ago, a group of folks got together and made an outline for how our country should be governed. It’s become fashionable lately to hold them to today’s standards of behavior. That might salve modern egos, but it doesn’t change the facts of how incredibly visionary their foresight was.
Unheard of at the time: three bodies of rule, balanced against each other…a bicameral elected legislature, an elected executive, and an appointed judicial body. No king, no noblemen. Revolutionary!
Despite its detractors then and now, the system works. If tastes change, 2-, 4-, and 6-year terms makes it possible to vote for change. As our political pendulums swing, elections prevent one philosophy from dominating for very long.
Disappointed with Obama? Vote for Trump! Unhappy with him? Vote him out! Soon it’ll be Biden’s turn to be turned out, thanks to the foresight of our nation’s founders.
As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, we think about all the things in our lives we’re thankful for. But the very fact we can freely celebrate the day is because of the foresight some people had centuries ago.

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