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As Sure As …. — By John Reed

As Sure As…
In these uncertain times, it’s easy to feel like everything is off-kilter. Luckily, there are still dependable constants that haven’t changed. Here are a few:
Anytime you hear about “upgrades” from a school system, you can be sure it’ll be mainly about sports facilities. Who needs needs new science labs or bigger auditoriums anyway?
Any time you hear “we’re from the government and we’re here to help” it’s a certainty you should keep a hand on your wallet. Corollary: any time a Democrat denies there’s a crisis, things are actually worse. Any time a Republican is in charge, Democrats will claim there’s a crisis.
If there is national news coverage for days on end about a missing or murdered person, rest assured that person is female, pretty, and white. Plain folks and people of color need not apply. Until that changes, the horrendous epidemic of black on black crime will go unchecked.
Anytime you hear “It’s just a flesh wound” the speaker isn’t channeling Monty Python, it’s just a male of a certain age working in his shop. Move along, nothing to see here.
Anytime a pothole appears downtown, you can be sure the first, second, and third attempts to repair it will only make matters worse. And cost twice what was budgeted.
Anytime the SEC has a championship game, it’ll be Alabama and UGA.
And finally, anytime my column appears, it’s a certainty the letters from the Dependable Ones will take up more space.
These are just a few: Are there other certainties out there?

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