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School Board Meets

Following is a summary of the April 15 meeting of the Jeff Davis County Board of
Spotlight on Student Achievement: Elementary School Principal Dr. Deidra Higgins recognized students having the highest growth in reading and math.
Math: 3rd grade – Brandy Castro-Osorio, Sydney Yawn, Maylin Caleron, Ashton Cravey, Aaron Guevera, Riley Edge and Eduardo Lopez; 4th grade – Kallan Medders, Kelbi Jarrel, Brissa Barrera, Kimberly Velazo-Rubio and Drew Tate; 5th grade – Fernanda Valdelamar, Pablo Zarraga, Jay Oliver and Maria Saucedo.
Reading: 3rd grade – Brailey McLoon, Jamarius Ryals and Haley Gardner; 4th grade – Erika Lopez, Dennis Lopez and Daniel DeSouza; 5th grade – Alexia Hayward, Asher Mims and Adelyn Evans.
Jeff Davis Band Directors Nick Efstathiou and James Oliver gave the board an update on the band program.
Dr. Joyce Davis shared information on all federal programs the system receives.
The board gave final approval to its policy on promotion and retention, and put out for public review policies on teacher evaluation appeals and abstinence curriculum for the middle school.
Finance Director Betty Corbitt presented financial reports.
The board approved the custodial pay scale for Fiscal Year 2022 and approved the following personnel recommendations: 4th grade teacher Stacey Logan Martin, elementary paraprofessional Autumn Espinosa, high school math teacher Kaitlyn Dukes, high school ELA teacher Selena Strom, middle school ELA teachers Anna Rush and Somer Blum, district special education coordinator Dr. Michelle Kilgore, community softball coach Mike Lynn and community girls basketball coach Shanitha Gloster.

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