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Soccer boys extend unbeaten streak

The Boys’ Yellow Jackets faced the Swainsboro Tigers in a region matchup. This would be the first of three straight away region games for the Jackets. The Jackets understood the importance of the game and demonstrated from the start of the whistle.
The game started off with the boys pressing high in the opponent’s half with the desire of winning the ball. The Jackets would set the tempo of the game by gaining possession of the ball. The goal tally for the boys would start off with Omar Andablo scoring a ground shot against the keeper in the 8th minute. This was only the 4th shot of the game which would be just the beginning of a long night for Swainsboro.
The Jackets would continue to dominate possession and basically played on Swainsboro’s side of the field. The Jackets would continue to attack and attempt shots on the keeper who had some good saves against our boys. This would not be enough to stop Justin Aguirre from dribbling past two defenders and scoring a superb goal in the upper right corner of the goal. Also, this would add yet another goal for Justin which puts him at nine goals this season. The Jackets would end off with a great first half but not being able to extend their lead.
They would enter with the same intensity and desire to add more goals to the scoreboard. Right off the bat, they would have a great transition into Swainsboro’s side. Ivan Franco would send a great cross that Kevin Vega would convert into a goal. Kevin Vega played keeper first half and finished the game playing well on the left flank. The keeper would make more great saves in favor of Swainsboro but that did not stop Oscar Marquez from scoring a rebound in the 63rd min. This would give the Jackets a lead of 4-0. It would seem that the score would end that way, but Swainsboro would score one after a miscommunication from the Jackets defense. The Jackets came out with the win and continue to keep their undefeated streak.
The Jackets, a strong, undefeated team, would face the Woodville Wolverines in a 2nd region away game. The Jackets would start the game off with an electrifying play on the right wing. An assist from Darian Cortez would find Justin Aguirre in the 3rd minute to quickly put the Jackets up on the scoreboard. The Jackets would have another shot a minute later that the keeper would block. Woodville would tie the game up in the 7th minute with a good pass from their #7 that would find the back of the net.
Both teams were back and forth with great offensive plays. The goalies were busy and had some good saves. The Jackets would be awarded a free kick in the 26th minute that Pablo Tapia would end up scoring after the keeper would not be able to reach. This would give the Jackets the lead of 2-1. After the second goal, the Jackets would take control of the game and started to dictate the tempo. Justin Aguire would send a deadly through ball into space that Fernando Vega would score in the 36th minute giving the Jackets a bigger lead. The half would end in a lead for the Jackets.
During the first minute of the 2nd half, the Jackets extended their lead 4-1 with a great goal in the 41st minute from Fernando Vega who scored a ground shot that the goalie handled poorly. Senior, Audiel Plascencia, would have another great penalty kick save after the Wolverines were not able to take advantage of the foul awarded in the box. The Wolverines would increase their tally to two but that would not be enough. The Jackets took the win and extended their undefeated season.
Player of the week was Kevin Vega for an outstanding performance against Swainsboro and Woodville.

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