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Methodist youth will build medical clinic

The big, inside bare shipping container that was unloaded Tuesday at First Methodist Church parking lot will be eventually turned into a OBGYN clinic, that will be solar powered and shipped to Africa. The project is a combination of the staff of Hazlehurst First United Methodist church, its youth and Bobby Gale, who heads Unto the Least of his. Pictured from left is Bobby Gale, Jonathan Hartsfied, Hazlehurst Methodist Youth Director, Pastor Allen Hartsfield of Hazlehurst First United Methodist Church and Jim Sewell, church treasurer.

A conversion of souls is pretty common occurrence at church.
A conversion of a shipping container into a medical clinic is not so common but that is what is happening at Hazlehurst First United Methodist Church, says the Rev. Allen Hartsfield, pastor.
This week a container is being dropped off at the church’s Tallahassee Street parking lot and by Christmas it will be converted to a solar powered medical clinic to be sent to Africa.
The church’s youth is spearheading this $15,000 mission project which is being coordinated by the Rev. Bobby Gale’s Unto the Least of His ministry.
Recently the church’s pastor, youth minister Jonathan Hartsfield and lay person Jimmy Maley helped do the same thing in Baxley.
The difference this time is this container will be solar powered as many parts of Africa still have no electricity.
Folks have already given in advance a large percentage of the funds needed. Rev. Hartsfield recently was in Home Depot and providentially ran into a high school friend who provided 50 sheets of plywood for half the usual cost.
Local businesses have been willing to donate or discount other supplies.
If anyone would like to help with money or volunteer their time or have their church’s youth group participate in the construction, contact Jonathan Hartsfield thru the church office at 375-4555.

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