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Arrests made in drug sweep







J Jones


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Sheriff Preston Bohannon and the Jeff Davis County Sheriff’s office stress to the public the importance of reporting drug activity in your area to not only help suppress drug crimes but other crimes that derive from the presence of drugs.
As a result of community reporting suspicious activity, several drug investigations were initiated by the office. Several arrests have been made throughout the past several months.
Major violators are the ones distributing this poison into the community. Often officers encounter other violators who have purchased drugs to resale or for their own use, it is officers’ responsibility to make sure they do not endanger themselves and others.
Christina Alexander and Richard Yound – Trafficking methamphetamine, Possession of a firearm during commission of crime, Possession of firearm by convicted felon, Probation violation.
Naiyah Williams – trafficking cocaine, possession of schedule IV controlled substance with intent to distribute.
Eddie Jones Jr. and Jalisa Nicole Jones – trafficking cocaine, possession of a scheduled II controlled substance, possession of a firearm during commission of crime
Deborah Murray – possession of a scheduled II controlled substance, possession of a scheduled II controlled substance with intent to distribute, possession of a scheduled III controlled substance, parole violation
Christopher Paul Duckworth – possession of marinuana with intent to distribute, probation violation (ongoing investigation)
Investigations are also initiated on these potential violators and some are brought to justice.
Dakoda Brinkley – possession of methamphetamine
Savannah Stanley – possession of methamphetamine
Elizabeth Beckworth – possession of controlled II substance
Dustin Levi Roland – possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and possession of controlled substance
Ana Guillen -sale of controlled substances
Grant Joshua Brinkley –  possession of methamphetamine
Jimmy Ray Hutchinson – possession of methamphetamine
Kaite McLoon – possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and sale of controlled substance
Nicholas Coleman – possession of methamphetamine
Gabriel Carelock – possession of methamphetamine
Christina Sheeler – possession of methamphetamine
Denny Hughes – possession of methamphetamine
Ricky Spell – possession of controlled IV substance
Jeffery Bohannon – possession of methamphetamine and scheduled controlled substances and drug related objects
Ruben Alexander Conley – trafficking cocaine and possession of controlled substance
James Grantham – possession of controlled substances and possession of methamphetamine
David Stanley – possession of methamphetamine
Christopher Crooks – possession of methamphetamine
Johnny lee Vann – possession of cocaine
Brandon Lehman – possession of methamphetamine
Amber Green – possession of methamphetamine
Hunter Nobles – manufacturing marijuana
Michael Kersey – possession of methamphetamine
Jarrett Clemons – possession of controlled substances
Corey Preston Long – possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, possession of drug related objects

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