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Bloom named Leader of the Year

HomeTown Health, an organization of 70 rural hospitals in the Southeast, named Barry Bloom, CEO of Jeff Davis Hospital, as the recipient of the 2020 Hospital Leader of the Year award at the HomeTown Health 21st Annual Conference held at Callaway Gardens Oct. 21-23.
“The Hospital Leader of the Year award is presented annually to a leader who has demonstrated incredible dedication to their position, their team and their facility. Leaders receiving this award are known for their innovation, their leadership, their commitment to their employees and their community, and their steadfastness in an industry that is ever-changing.” says Jimmy Lewis, CEO of HomeTown Health.
Alongside his nomination came incredible feedback from his team, “Barry has shown exemplary management and leadership skills since he became CEO. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he has shown considerable compassion for our staff and community. We were all kept in our positions with no lay-offs or furlough. This past year has been a trying time with all employees during the Covid pandemic. Barry has proven to the employees that he appreciates everyone’s hard work during this time. He gave bonus’ when no one expected. He went out in the community and spoke very highly of all his staff. He truly is the best CEO this hospital has ever had! Barry is new in the role, within the first year, he had to adjust and during pandemic! He has led the hospital and the community, managed to make money and keep the hospital prosperous, also gave hazard pay to the essential workers! He is an outstanding leader!”
Additional feedback from the Jeff Davis team included a wide range of praise for Bloom’s leadership during this year.
“During these uncertain times of COVID-19, Mr. Barry has gone above and beyond to ensure our staff has been taken care of, including providing financial incentives. He leads with a smile on his face and you can rest assured he always has our best interests at heart. We are so blessed to have him as our CEO. Not long after Barry Bloom took over, he made many changes to our hospital. It was obvious from the goals to place patients first, that he took his position seriously. He also proved himself to be a caring leader for our staff, by implementing profit sharing bonuses and having wages adjusted up to make our hospital more competitive for good staff. He is always pushing for our hospital to have more collaboration with our community to find the need of the community and to help us to provide for those needs. When COVID 19 hit our hospital hard, he was one of the only CEO’S in the surrounding area to provide extra hazard pay to our nurses. He also made sure that none of our full-time staff was laid off during the low census times (also caused by the COVID 19 pandemic). Through this trying time and with all of these decisions he made in favor of the staff, his leadership in financial areas has allowed us as a hospital to maintain funds for the future without going into the red.”
This award is presented by HomeTown Health to individuals who exhibit extraordinary talents and skills in positively influencing the delivery of health care in Georgia.
“It is truly our pleasure to work alongside hospital leaders throughout the state that serve in rural facilities. It is an even greater pleasure to be able to recognize those leaders as they excel in their communities each year.” says Kristy Thomson, COO of HomeTown Health.

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  1. Dr. Robert Devrnja on November 6, 2020 at 7:30 am

    Congrats Barry! Very well deserved and admirable. It is our pleasure and honor to be a part of your team. Your care for the community of patients we serve stands out daily, your attention to detail and understanding are only a few of you outstanding characteristics. ERx is truly blessed to serve you and JDH.

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