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Dr. Lou hospitalized in Charleston

Long time area physician Dr. Lumawig Munsayac, better known as Dr. Lou, has been hospitalized in a Charleston, S.C., hospital with a severe case of Covid-19.
Dr. Lou, who has had offices in Hazlehurst, Lumber City and Glennville, and works in many area hospitals, is the father of well-known Hazlehurst physician Dr. Kirk Munsayac, better known as Dr. Kirk.
According to a recent message from Dr. Kirk, it was only a matter of time before Dr. Lou contracted the disease as he has been seeing a dozen or so suspected cases of COVID-19 in all his emergency room shifts.
Dr. Kirk had Dr. Lou admitted to Jeff Davis Hospital where his condition steadily declined.
“With the help of my friend and one of my local heroes, Dr. Jason Laney, we were able to get him a bed in Charleston, the only open bed in the southeast at the time,” Dr. Kirk said. “Everywhere is full and on diversion.
“Daddy is stable for now, but still requiring a lot of oxygen. It’s touch and go from here. A waiting game and truly in God’s Hands.
“Daddy would not be still with us if not for the tireless work of Laney and staff at JDH. That’s an undeniable fact. So many in this town have no clue how good we have it with our hospital and that saddens me.
“The level of compassion and care is unrivaled in the small hospitals I’ve worked in around here. Heck, the fact we have an Emory-trained Internal Med doctor manning our little ICU is something we should be bragging about to anyone who’ll listen. And I’d put our nursing and support staff up against anyone. In small hospitals, we still have time for compassion. Be proud, y’all.
“Prayers appreciated and still needed. Know that Daddy couldn’t put full sentences together without getting short of breath. But with what he could, it’s to no one’s surprise he only wanted to ask about his patients, and crack jokes. Best guy I know.”

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  1. Renee Adams on August 19, 2020 at 10:50 pm

    I’m praying for Dr. Lou. He was my mother’s doctor at the nursing home in Vidalia, Ga. And my sister Jackie when he had an office in Vidalia. And I also saw him a couple of times. He has been really good to my family. We’re in this together. And we have to fight our battles. In God’s name he will be breathing without that ventilator. And prayers for the family. Renee Adams

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