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Area Rivers To Crest Friday

The flood warning for the Altamaha River at Charlotteville (Uvalda Bridge) continues this week and according to the National Weather Service is expected to crest at 22.2 feet Friday.
Last week, it crested at 19.8 feet and began falling. But more water started coming later in the week and, by Tuesday morning, it was at 20.78 feet. Flood stage is 13 feet.
At 19.8 feet there was minor flooding while 22.2 feet is considered moderate flooding.
Meanwhile, the Ocmulgee River at Lumber City was at 15.47 feet Tuesday morning and is expected to reach 18 ft. by Friday. Flood stage is 15 ft at that location.
While rivers are high across the state, the Oconee, Ocmulgee, Ohoopee, Ogeechee, Canoochee, Savannah and Altamaha, all in southeast Georgia, are experiencing the highest levels in the state as far as flooding is concerned, with the Altamaha having the heaviest concentration of flood levels. The Flint River in southwest Georgia is also experiencing minor flooding.
At 22.2 feet on the Altamaha at Charlotteville, flood waters near six feet deep would cover Towns Bluff Lane and flood the slab foundations of elevated homes. Flooding would expand further into Montgomery County with 8-10 feet deep over large portions of Three Rivers Lane, Altamaha River Road and Ogle Sandbar Road. The water reaches the top of boat ramps and parking lots and flood in Towns Bluff Park and along the end of Uvalda Landing Road in Jeff Davis County.
Persons with interest along the river should monitor the latest forecasts and be prepared to take necessary precautions to protect life and property. Do not drive cars through flooded areas. If you see flood waters, remember to turn around and do not drown.
For graphical hydrologic information, go to and click on Georgia. Select Rivers and Lakes under current weather. The Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service page provides current and forecast river information…Gage locations…Impacts… and historical crest information for all forecast points by clicking on each point.

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