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Board Summary

Following is a summary of Monday night’s Jeff Davis County Board of Education meeting:
Spotlight on Student Achievement — Pre-K Director Chris Campbell and Katie Medders recognized students who have shown the most academic growth since August.
Recognized were Antonio Carr, Dianna Powell, Tate NeeSmith, Alexa Quijada, Evelyn Ruiz-Reyes, Kellan Cook, K’Denca McKever, Christopher Xoqui, Jarvis Johnson, Kimber Morrison, Natalie Amazan, Wyat Thrift, Dianna Diaz-McCowan, Brayden Stanley, Maria Herrera, Heath Brantley, Zamir West and Kimberly Calzadillas.
Debbie Hobbs presented a powerpoint updating the board accreditation and the strategic plan process.
1. The visit originally scheduled for the 2019-2020 school year has been postponed. Accreditation has been extended until June 30, 2021.
2. Strategic plan. The current plan must be analyzed and adjusted to reflect the school system’s continuous improvement process.
3. eBoard Update – The 2020 School Improvement Plan is not published due to technical difficulties. The Georgia School Board Association is working on the issues. Once resolved with eBoard, the plan will be updated and published.
The board approved its meeting calendar for 2020, reappointed board attorneys Lamar Elder and Harbin, Hartley and Hawkins, and approved Parrish Construction Group as construction manager at-risk of the high school renovations and tennis courts.
Betty Corbitt presented financial reports to the board.
The board approved the resignations of Sheila Rucker and Robyn Crumpler, the retirement of Royce Story, and the recommendation to employ Dr. Cecelia McLoon as part-time Human Resources Director for the 2019-2020 school year.

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