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Swimmers Get 14 Firsts

The Jeff Davis Recreation Department Swim Team took 14 first places in the 2019 Georgia Recreation and Parks Association State Swim Meet last week in Fort Oglethorpe.
12-year-old Brady Carter led the way with three individual firsts and two first places in the relays, followed closely by 17-year-old Ross Coppedge with two individuals and two relays, and 13-year-old Duke Stone with three individuals and one relay.
17-year-old Grant Garrett had an individual first and two relay firsts, 14-year-old Cassie Bryant had an individual first place finish and a first place in a relay event and 8-year-old Kylei Dykes, 8-year-old Jaylee Taylor, 8-year-old Lane McCall, 7-year-old Brantley Stapleton, 13-year-old Chloe Crosby, 14-year-old Madison Norris, 14-year-old Emma Hulett and 12-year-old William Garrett each swam legs on winning relay teams.
Individual Results:
Lane McCall, 7th, boys 7-8 50 free; 4th, boys 9-10 25 butterfly.
Summer Anderson, 6th, girls 9-10 50 free; 3rd, girls 9-10 25 free; 4th, girls 9-10 25 butterfly.
Lila Rayne Walters, 7th, girls 9-10 50 free; 4th, girls 9-10 25 free; 7th, girls 9-10 25 breast
Jeremiah Davis, 2nd, boys 9-10 50 free; 2nd, boys 9-10 25 free; 3rd, boys 9-10 25 butterfly.
Brady Carter, 1st, boys 11-12 100 free; 1st, boys 11-12 50 free; 1st, boys 11-12 50 back.
Emma Hulett, 3rd, girls 13-14 100 free; 4th, girls 13-14 50 free; 5th, girls 13-14 50 back.
Madison Norris, 5th, girls 13-14 100 free; 7th, girls 13-14 100 IM.
Duke Stone, 1st, boys 13-14 100 free; 1st, boys 13-14 50 back; 1st, boys 13-14 50 butterfly.
Ross Coppedge, 1st, boys 15-18 100 free; 2nd, boys 15-18 50 free; 1st, boys 15-18 100 IM.
Grant Garrett, 2nd, boys 15-18 100 free; 3rd, boys 15-18 50 free; 1st, boys 15-18 50 butterfly.
Alyssa Hulett, 8th, girls 9-10 25 free.
William Garrett, 2nd, boys 11-12 50 free; 3rd, 11-12 50 back; 2nd, boys 11-12 50 butterfly.
Cassie Bryant, 8th, girls 13-14 50 free; 1st, girls 13-14 50 breast; 8th, girls 13-14 50 back.
Chloe Crosby, 2nd, girls 13-14 100 IM; 4th, girls 13-14 50 back.
Kylei Dykes, 5th, girls 7-8 25 back.
Brantley Stapleton, 6th, boys 7-8 25 back.
Jeb Wilkerson, 7th, boys 9-10 back.
Mixed 7-8 100 medley relay, 1st, Kylei Dykes, Jaylee Taylor, Lane McCall, Brantley Stapleton.
Girls 9-10 100 medley relay, 3rd, Elyssa Hulett, Maggie Weiner, Summer Anderson, Lila Rayne Walters.
Boys 9-10 100 medley relay, 2nd, Jeb Wilkerson, Matthew Weiner, Jermiah Davis, Brody Hall.
Girls 13-14 200 medley relay, 1st, Chloe Crosby, Cassie Bryant, Madison Norris, Emma Hulett.
Boys 15-18 200 medley relay, 1st, Duke Stone, Ross Coppedge, Grant Garrett, Brady Carter
Lila Rayne Walters.
Mixed 7-8 100 free relay, 3rd, Jaylee Taylor, Brantlee Stapleton, Matthew Weiner, Kylei Dykes.
Girls 9-10 100 free relay, 3rd, Annaleigh Mcleod, Elyssa Hulett, Maggie Weiner, Lila Rayne Walters.
Boys 9-10 100 free relay, 2nd, Jeb Wilkerson, Jeremiah Davis, Brody Hall, Lane McCall.
Boys 15-18 200 free relay, 1st, Grant Garrett, William Garrett, Brady Carter, Ross Coppedge.

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