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The Pendulum Swings — By John Reed

The Pendulum Swings
Last week I attended a function at the Big House intended to raise awareness and funds to make repairs. Live music was provided by vocalist Kelly (Seebeck) Efstathiou and her husband. More than two decades ago, another push was made for the mansion, and music was provided by Mike Edwards, Greg Waters, the late Craig Summerlin and others in the form of a jazz combo.
And so the pendulum swings: interest in reviving one of our community’s landmarks has waxed and waned over the years. We see this trend all around us, especially those with an interest in history.
Last century, a strict moralistic movement managed to ban the (legal) sale of alcohol in this country. Many unforeseen events followed, including rising crime and illicit bootleg alcohol industry. Thirteen years later, the Prohibition laws were repealed. To my knowledge, this is the only constitutional amendment to be overturned by a later one.
During the World Wars, patriotic fervor and support for our military was at an all-time high…by the time of the Vietnam War, the opinion pendulum has swung far in the opposite direction.
Thanks to the internet and increased communication of ideas, this shifting of trends and opinions is accelerating. At the same time the societal swings seem more extreme. Defunding police, decriminalizing drug use and other crimes, open borders, and more have all become the rage in a startlingly few years.
No one should have been surprised by the consequences of such social experiments. And now the pendulum is swinging back towards sanity. One can only hope the pendulum doesn’t swing too far the other way.

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