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The Big House — By Tommy Purser

Some volunteers have gotten together to stage a Dinner at The Big House to raise funds to repair the eyesore deterioration of The Big House. I’ve already bought my tickets and I hope a lot of other people will purchase tickets as well — especially members of the Jeff Davis County Commission.
The Big House, you see, belongs to the taxpayers of Jeff Davis County and is entrusted to the care of the County Commission. It is the commissioners job to see to it that the county taxpayers’ property is maintained and cared for. The commissioners have a lot on their plates and I sympathize with them. But one of the items on their plates is caring for The Big House. If they don’t have the money to maintain The Big House then they need to find the money. That’s their job.
The same goes for the city-owned golf course. The golf course is owned by the taxpayers of the city of Hazlehurst.
And the City Council was derelict in its duty to maintain the golf course. Of course, we have an almost entirely new city council today but, regardless of that, it is still the council’s responsibility to maintain the city’s properties. But, rather than doing the hard work to maintain it, they are selling it.
That’s the easy way out. I’ve tried to offer my opinion on what needs to be done to save the golf course for our community but no one on the former council was interested in listening to me. I suspect no one on the present council wants to listen either.
There are other things I’d like to see the council do but the good wife says, since I’m a former council member, I need to butt out.
Oh, well.

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