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Get the picture: The good wife and I were sitting in our recliners watching television. She had an excruciatingly painful knee. It was so bad she had piled a couple or three big pillows on the seat of her recliner to cut down on how far she had to go to stand up.
I was sitting next to her in my own recliner, watching television as well.
It was a serene scene.
Then the good wife had to get up, so she moaned and groaned as she tried to lift herself out of the recliner.
I, being the outstanding example of husbandly love and assistance, moaned and groaned as I lifted myself out of my recliner and hobbled weakly toward the good wife. Once in front of her, I held my two hands out to her to help her stand up.
She grabbed my hands and feebly pulled herself to an upright position as I pulled with all my strength.
Then we began to laugh.
What a sight we must have presented — two old has-beens struggling together to accomplish what was once a simple task.
Old age ain’t what it was cut out to be. But we’re still kicking — and laughing.

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