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Wimp — By Tommy Purser

I can’t hear too well even with my hearing aids.

Last week, I had a cancerous growth cut off the inside of my left ear which, by the way, is the better of my two ears. I have a big bandage over the ear and can hear even less now than before.

The good wife alternates between being aggravated that she has to repeat everything she says to me, and being moved to uncontrollable laughter over my way-off-base interpretations of what she is saying in hopes I will understand her.

Ever had a shot in your ear?

I’ve had several injections of numbing agents into my ear, which of course numbs my ear. But the 2- or 3-second interval after the needle enters my ear and before  the numbness sets in is excruciatingly painful.

“Take a breath,” the nurse told me after the pain of the doctor’s injection left me, well, breathless. “I don’t want to have to pick you up off the floor after you pass out.”

So, I took a breath but it lasted only until the next injection.

In addition to holding my breath, I clinched my fists — knuckle-whitening tight.

And grimmaced.

And moaned.

And squinted my eyes.

Deal with it — I’m a wimp.

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