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Who has time to protest? — By John Reed

Who has time to protest?
Regular readers will notice this space has been rather quiet of late. Naturally other contributors have contributed more than their fair share of ink to fill the page. In truth, any column, editorial, or letter is merely that writer’s opinion, and as we know from the old adage, opinions are like rectums, everyone has one.
Of course, there has been plenty to write about: local politics, national politics, international events…the list goes on. I’ve always admired the professional writers who produce a daily column. Of course, they are getting paid to do so, but still, it takes creativity, motivation, and most importantly, time.
Time is becoming increasingly precious to me as I balance job and family and friends. Watching the recent protests on television, I find myself wondering how do these people have all this spare time? Are they unemployed? Are the college kids skipping classes?
I don’t remember having much spare time in college. When I wasn’t in class, I was in the lab, in the library, or in the dorm working on a class. I guess times have changed: maybe college kids today don’t have to go to class…
Or maybe they don’t have jobs or family, who depend on them. It seemed at the time that the antiwar protesters of the 1970s were primarily children of middle-class families. Thus they had the time to parade in the streets carrying signs. Maybe that’s true today as well.
Or maybe it’s just another of the many differences I’ve pointed out previously between country folks and city folks. Country folks are felling timber, putting in crops, taking care of their families, going to school, going to church. It’s not that we don’t care about events outside our little slice of paradise, it’s that we put local matters first.
The slaughter in the Middle East is terrible, yet a continuation of events over 2000 years. The corruption in government is nothing new either. Occasionally those events affect us, but more often it’s the weather that’s more important. Plus, of course the latest football score.
We don’t have time to protest. Maybe if those people had some sort of personal responsibility, they wouldn’t either.

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