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Smith Running For Mayor’s Seat

Laneka Smith this week formally announced her candidacy for Mayor of Hazlehurst in the November 7 City Election.
In announcing her candidacy, she said her journey is rooted in a passion for community growth and commitment to making Hazlehurst thrive.
She said her purpose is to foster a stronger, more vibrant Hazlehurst for all its residents. Her vision is founded on unity, collaboration and inclusive progress.
Smith holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Mississippi Valley State University, a Masters in English from Mississippi State University, and a MPhil in Forensic Psychology with a concentration in Mental Health Law.
She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology.
Since coming to Hazlehurst, she has served as a CASA volunteer and has taken an active role in hosting community events, bringing neighbors together and fostering a sense of togetherness.
As a successful business owner in Hazlehurst, Smith understands the unique challenges and opportunities facing local businesses.
Her leadership roles, background as a therapist, and her role as a parent have cultivated a well-rounded skill set. She excels in communication, conflict resolution, community engagement and understanding the needs of Hazlehurst residents.
Smith “is determined to create a brighter future for Hazlehurst through active listening, transparent governance and a deep commitment to community well-being. Her candidacy is a testament to her dedication to shaping a better tomorrow for the town she calls home.”

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