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Devastating social media — By Tommy Purser

I recently stumbled on yet another example of how social media is devastating our country.

This time it was a YouTube video of a woman from Massachusetts who travelled all the way to Arizona to talk to legislators about how she had been abused for simply asking for information about what her upcoming kindergarten student would be taught when he entered school in Massachusetts.

Her testimony was compelling. When she asked if her child would be taught Critical Race Theory when he entered kindergarten, she was told by the primary school principal to file an open records request to get the information she was asking for.

Then, according to her testimony before the legislators in Arizona, she was harassed, attacked, publicly humiliated, etc., etc., etc. …. just for asking what her child would be taught when he enrolled in kindergarten.

Something didn’t seem right about her testimony so I did a little research.

It turns out that she did, indeed, file an open records request to ask for the information she sought. In fact, she sent over 200 open records requests in one month. And her husband, sent another 100 requests.

Among the information she was asking for were the private employee evaluations on dozens of teachers in the school system.

In fact, she asked for the employee evaluations of the first 50 teachers listed on the school system’s web site.

School system personnel were overwhelmed by the woman’s open records requests — many of which were personal teacher evaluations which were private employee evaluations that were, quite frankly, none of her business.

So the school system, aided by the National Education Association, sued the woman in an attempt to end what any reasonable person would agree was harassment of school system employees who had more important things to do other than placate a right-wing conspiracy theorist.

According to her testimony, that amounted to her being harrassed. The Arizona legislators, in response, praised the woman for having the courage to stand up and speak for her child. They wished more parents would become involved in what was being taught to their students.

Give me a break. The woman was nothing more than a right-wing wacko engaging in harrassment of school system employees in Massachusetts.

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