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Who Knows?

I noticed some work happening on Jarman Street last week and assumed the work was connected to the traffic changes announced by the city almost 8 months ago that was supposed to begin immediately.
So I called the Department of Transportation to get some information about the project. You may recall it involved installing a turn lane on Jarman Street.
First I called the DOT Jesup office. They didn’t know anything about the project so they directed me to the Baxley DOT office. They didn’t know anything about it so they directed me to the district engineer. He had heard something about it but didn’t think anything had been decided so he directed me to the department’s PR person. She was extremely nice and helpful but she didn’t know anything about it so she asked that I give her time to make some calls to find out what she could.
She got back to me and said, yes, the funding had been approved, the preconstruction engineer had to do some work, the design work had to be done, there were several hoops to be jumped through but, perhaps, work would begin in 2024.
Hmmm. In July, 2022, the city announced work was to begin immediately.
Who knows when and if it will ever happen?

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