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City water has problems

The City Of Hazlehurst last week notified its water customers by letter that a concentration of Gross Alpha in the water from one of its drinking water wells exceeded the federal maximum contaminant level (MCL).
According to the letter, during a 9-month period, from Jan. 1 to Sept. 30, 2022, the well in question contained a Gross Alpha concentration of 16 pCi L, while the federal MCL is 15 pCi L [One pCi is one trillionth of a Curie].
Gross Alpha is a test that is performed to measure the overall radioactivity in drinking water. Naturally occurring radioactive elements emit alpha particles as they decay. Alpha radiation exists in the soil, in the air, and also in water.
According to the city’s letter, there is nothing water customers need to do, no need to boil water or take other corrective actions. But people with specific health concerns need to consult their doctors and people with compromised immune systems, who have infants, are pregnant or elderly, may be at increased risk and should seek advise from health care providers.
The city is looking into eliminating the problem with water softeners. The well has been in use since 1969 and this is the first time it has exceeded any perimeters.
For information, contact Orson P. Hall at 912-347-0713.

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