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Who Cares? — By Tommy Purser

Let’s just suppose for a moment that there is a city in which an elected mayor also serves as an appointed city manager.
And that the city charter of that city prohibits any elected official of that city from serving in any appointed office of the city.
And let’s just suppose further that the mayor and the city council members took an oath to uphold the city charter which specifically prevents an elected mayor from serving in any appointed position with the city.
Who’s at fault here?
• The elected mayor who’s serving as an appointed city manager despite taking an oath to uphold the dictates of the city charter?
• The city council members who fail to uphold their oaths of office that obligate them to uphold the city charter?
• The electorate which continues to re-elect the mayor and city council despite their obvious violations of the city charter and their oaths of office?
• Or the newspaper editor who fails to do his due diligence to hold the mayor and council accountable for their violation of their oaths of office?
There’s a lot of blame to go around here.
By the way, violation of one’s oath of office is a felony in the state of Georgia.
But who cares?
It seems, no one.

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