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Spring Has Sprung — By John Reed

Spring Has Sprung
As our winters shorten, the harbingers of spring arrive ever earlier. Flashy early bloomers have announced the season with a splash, and our azaleas and dogwoods will follow soon. Pollen-draped windshields turn our cars green, and red swamp maple buds decorate the approaches to the river.
Eternal optimists, home gardeners relish this time of year, scanning seed catalogs and turning over flower bed soil. Farmers once again bet a year’s income on the proper mix and timing of their crops. Students enjoy break after break from classes, even as end of the year exams approach.
Even in an off year, politicians use the season to start new campaigns and offer legislation they assure us will finally make a difference. Already we see candidates for president announcing their campaigns, doubtless many more will follow suit soon.
Will age be a factor? One of Bill Clinton’s advantages when he ran was a sense of youthful vigor after Reagan and Bush Sr. I expect there’s a hunger this time on both sides for someone born after 1960.
Second Samuel tells us spring is “the time kings go off to war.” Certainly as the frozen ground of Ukraine warms we can expect more bloodshed there. Many proclaim we’re not the world’s policeman, but it’s just not in our national identity to sit on the sidelines. Maybe there’ll be a spring uprising in Moscow.
How’s that for optimism?

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