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Big Bash In Atlanta — By John Reed

Big Bash in Atlanta
Last week I was invited to the governor’s inaugural party in Atlanta. The actual swearing in ceremony took place earlier in front of a much smaller audience. This event was in the State Farm arena, where the Hawks play, and featured Luke Bryant as a headliner, along with a couple of other country rock groups. Here are a few thoughts:
-The Republican Party is definitely more diverse than it used to be. Easily 30 to 40% of the audience were people of color, despite the lefties’ best efforts to paint us as bigots. As Georgia continues to trend towards a more diverse population, the party needs to continue to attract new members.
-Very few men or women under 30 know how to wear formal attire… ill-fitting gowns, unmatched colors, the style faux pas were everywhere.
-I have a suspicion that had Stacy won, the music would’ve been a different genre.
-You just think food and drink are expensive at the movies… If you ever attend a game there, do your eating and drinking elsewhere.
-If they ever want to host another event like this, the GOP must work harder in the cities. Democrats have long assumed the urban vote was theirs, and electoral maps seem to confirm that. But I’m convinced the message of merit, opportunity, personal safety, and individual freedom can resonate with city dwellers as well as the rest of us.
-Cab service in Atlanta is nothing like northern cities. You either get a non-English speaking cabbie who can’t find one of the biggest event venues in town, or you pay an astronomical fee for an Uber.
-Rural Georgia used to decide elections. The only way us country folk are going to remain relevant is to unify around competent candidates and then work hard for them.

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