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Don’t Blame Me — By John Reed

Don’t Blame Me
I voted. Unlike 3 million other registered Georgia voters, I exercised my constitutional right to pick our leaders. I’m sure there are plenty on both sides who are disappointed with the outcome… They have only themselves to blame.
And there is absolutely no room for complaints or suspicion or conspiracy theories. I was a poll worker for one of the precincts this time, and observed up close the security procedures used to ensure the voting process was secure. There was absolutely no room for error.
There’s always a balance to be found between accessibility, transparency, and security. While I’m sure some folks will try to make hay elsewhere (hello Arizona?), the system here in Georgia works. And no small part of the credit goes to the poll workers and the staff in the courthouse who handle the counting.
I don’t want to hear about voter suppression lack of access. At our station we saw primarily over-40’s folks, many of whom suffered from ailments or injuries. Yet every one of them had acceptable ID. Two people were in the wrong district, and were sent to their correct one; two were new to the area and were registered on site and allowed to fill out a provisional ballot. The only potential hiccup was a citizen who wanted to take a ballot outside the building for someone else to fill out sitting in their car. He wasn’t happy when informed the rules didn’t allow that, but he nevertheless brought the voter inside to cast her ballot.
I’m puzzled and disappointed in the turnout. After all the ads, mailouts, emails, and general bloviating about this election being the most important in decades, nearly half the voters didn’t bother to show up…or vote early…or anything. The results show people apparently prefer how things stand.
The real losers would seem to be the loudest activists on both sides. Despite tremendous blowback from both Trumpsters and AOC-type left-wing crazies, our state officers were easily returned to office. Across the country, more moderate candidates seemed to prevail. We can only hope that will lower the volume in Washington, but I doubt it.
And so what’s next? Yet another Georgia runoff between two flawed candidates. Likely presidential announcements for the 2024 campaign. While the country’s challenges pile up, we’re still waiting for an adult in the room.
A previous contributor here has pointed out the fragmentation of our society. He’s absolutely right. Lincoln said it best: “A house divided cannot stand.”

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