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Change Vs. Inevitability By John Reed

Change vs Inevitability
This past weekend we enjoyed the first hint at autumn. It would be wishful thinking to call it a cold snap, but mornings below 70° and humidity below a thousand were a welcome, if all too brief, break.
The turn of the seasons reminds me of the inevitabilities of life. My pears are in season, my grapes soon will be. Football dominates talk around town, and the political season will soon reach its nasty conclusion.
One constant is every politician vows change. No matter how things are going, “change” will somehow make things better. From president to senator to governor to dog catcher, every candidate claims their policies will fix everything.
I’d try to believe them if they changed their own situation for the better. In some cases, the quality of candidates is so questionable neither one is believable. Take for example the candidates for US Senate. One has more baggage than a Delta 747, the other espouses a political philosophy at complete odds with his church preaching. Are these guys the best we can do?
I wish we could find some common sense pragmatists willing to run. Beyond the rhetoric from the far Left or Right, there are plenty of truths the rest of us understand:
1. Yes we need to transition to renewable energy sources, but not overnight. We cannot force everyone to buy an electric car just by screwing up the gas supply. The marketplace will take care of things soon enough.
2. Yes we need immigrants to grow our population and provide labor in areas no one else will work. But the current system is badly broken. No other country in the world has a border as porous as ours.
3. Yes we need teachers, truck drivers, nurses, and other critical area professionals. Instead of forgiving student loans for all, a more targeted approach makes better sense.
I could go on, but the inevitability of politics makes it a fool’s errand. Real change will come only when our candidates step out of their limos and see how the rest of us live.

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