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There Ought To Be A Law — By Tommy Purser

For years, I used to enjoy watching Savannah television stations for news of interest to this area of the state.
I still enjoying watching the broadcasts but my enjoyment is tempered by having to watch advertising spots run by Savannah area attorneys whose pleas to the public border on ambulance chasing, in my humble opinion.
The ads make the attorneys who are advertising look like they are just dying to take advantage of people who are at fault in traffic accidents.
It’s one thing to get what’s due but too many times people are being unjustly dragged into court, thanks to unscrupulous attorneys and their unscrupulous clients.
I know of someone who was recently involved in a relatively minor accident in the Savannah television viewing area. While he wasn’t hurt, his vehicle was totalled and the woman’s vehicle received relatively minor damage.
Well, sure enough, she got herself a lawyer and he’s suing on behalf of his client for close to $20,000.
Of course, the suit is actually against the insurance company, not the unwitting driver of the car, but it’s just such cases as these that drive up the cost of insurance across the country …. and fattens the wallets of the unscrupulous.
There ought to be a law.

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