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Hope — By Tommy Purser

What to hope for in the coming year?
The world getting a grip on the spread of COVID.
People wearing masks which are not to protect them but to protect those they come in contact with. It occurs to me that people who refuse to wear a mask don’t really care about other people —- only themselves.
People stop reelecting the partisan hacks that occupy state and national elections and start electing people who care more about the country and the people they represent than they do about their political party.
After decades of missteps and bad decisions, the Georgia High School Association gets competent leadership.
Jeff Davis High’s successful athletic programs continue their success.
Jeff Davis County’s school system maintains ­— or even improves — its commendable reputation for excellence.
Jeff Davis Hospital continues to serve the community with care and excellence.
Someone at City Hall finally realizes the needs of downtown Hazlehurst and helps the Hazlehurst Main Street program accomplish its goals, so the Regional Development Commission’s Downtown Hazlehurst Master Plan becomes a reality.
I hope. I hope.

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