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No Comment — By Tommy Purser

We ran a letter to the editor last week received via email from a Taylor Fernandes. The writer made some accusations that I, quite simply, did not believe were true. But I gave her her say and then added some of my personal knowledge of the local adults, school administrators, school officials, etc., who the letter had berated scornfully.
Sunday, I got a call from JDHS Athletic Director Roger Metts who asked if Taylor Fernandes was one of the two women who wrote the letters published last week.
He said he had spoken with JDHS Softball Coach Steven Wilcox who said Taylor Fernandes was a former Putnam County softball coach now living in South Carolina. Metts added that the Putnam County A.D. who was at the game in question, said he didn’t see Ms. Fernandes at the game and doubted she was there.
That didn’t jive with what Ms. Fernandes wrote in her letter, saying she had “witnessed” foul behavior she claimed the adults and school officials displayed at the game.
So I sent an email to Ms. Fernandes explaining that a Putnam school official had told our A.D. that she was not at the game as she implied and I asked her if that was true.
I got no reply.
Imagine that.

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