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The Farmer

Sound Ussery shared the following with me this week:
I have worked in the fertile earth and planted a garden, so I know what faith is.
I have listened to the birds caroling in the dusk and in morning, so I know what music is.
I have seen the morning without clouds after the rain, so I know what beauty is.
I have sat before a wood fire with old friends, so I know what companionship is.
I have walked the path of quietness along the forest floor, so I know what peace is.
I have dwelt in the valley of remembrance on the hills of homes, so I know what love is.
I have seen the miracle of Spring, the fruition of Summer, and the beauty of Autumn followed by the repose of Winter, so I know what life is.
And because I have perceived all of these, I know what God is.

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