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Last week, I began my second association with Trinity Therapy Services in Hazlehurst.
My first gig was because of stupidity — I stuck my right hand into a table saw, just about severed three fingers and a thumb, and after hours long surgery to repair the damage, I needed help in regaining use of my hand. Did I mention I’m right-handed?
While this is my second foray into the world of rehabilitative therapy, a friend of mine said, “Oh, I’ve been there for help on several body parts.”
This time it’s my neck. I’ve been diagnosed with arthritis of the spine, pretty much from the top to the bottom but most especially in my neck. Plus there are a few bone spurs to deal with.
I enjoy going to therapy, not so much for the therapy but moreso because of the folks who work at Trinity Therapy Services.
They are a warm, caring, likeable bunch, adept at guiding folks through physical woes with sincere compassionate care.
After I finished my first sojourn there, I wanted to go back. I didn’t want arthritis in the spine, but I wanted to go back. The folks there won me over and I missed them.
And there’s another plus to going to therapy at Trinity in Hazlehurst. I get to see old friends and aquaintances that I haven’t seen in years. A chance to rekindle long dormant relationships.
Most of them I recognize right off the bat but for some, I have to dig into my memory to recall who they are. And they, too, have to dig to recall who I am.
But once that recollection clicks, it’s a fun renewal of old friendships.
While I wouldn’t wish the need for therapy on anyone, I wish everyone could experience the warm and fuzzy feelings I experience at Trinity. It’s … rehabilitative.

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