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Isn’t old age grand? — By Tommy Purser

Isn’t old age grand?
A few months back I had an appointment with a cardiologist in Savannah to check on a heart murmur that had been discovered by my local caregiver.
The specialist told me not to worry, that it was a minor murmur, kinda like a mumble I suppose, but he told me to check back when I reach my mid-eighties because something might have to be done.
A while later, I had an appointment with a neurologist in Savannah to check on the trembling in my hands.
The specialist told me not to worry, it wasn’t Parkinsons or anything serious. Just a sign of age but, if it got much worse, maybe I should check in with him again.
This Friday I have an appoint with yet another neurologist to check on what my local caregiver and our hospital X-ray folks had discovered was arthritis up and down my spine accompanied by bone spurs that had limited my range of movement and subjected me to constant, 24-7 pain, especially in my lower back and most profoundly in my neck.
I haven’t told anyone yet about my 24-7 pain in my right shoulder but, if it gets much worse, I’m looking at yet another visit to a specialist in Savannah.
My oldest offspring, Laura, is the Chief Financial Officer at Memorial in Savannah and she is in the know on just about all the specialists in Savannah and she’s a great resource — recommends/okays all the medical appointments the good wife and I have there.
Sooner or later, I’m going to need her recommendation on a memory specialist, if such a thing exists, because the good wife, when I bring up a subject, is always telling me that she had already told me about that earlier.
The memory specialist won’t be for me, you understand, it will be for the good wife who can’t remember for the life of her what she’s told me and what she hasn’t.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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