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GSP Post – A Costly Project For Taxpayers — By Tommy Purser

Does anyone besides me remember when it was claimed that the new Georgia State Patrol Post being proposed to be built by the City of Hazlehurst taxpayers could be built for less than $400,000.
Or when claims were made that a percentage of the proceeds from GSP tickets issued in the other counties served by the Post would be paid to Hazlehurst.
Or when claims were made that a GSP citation issued in Jeff Davis County outside the city limits of Hazlehurst could be run through the City of Hazlehurst Municipal Court and the City reap the proceeds.
Or when it was proudly announced a few months back that the construction was almost complete and the City had spent only $300,000 on the work, far below the $1 million cost naysayers had predicted.
Well, no, the city will not get proceeds from citations issued in other counties, citations issued in the county cannot be processed in the city court, and the cost of the building announced at last week’s council meeting was $991, 215 — so far.
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