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MacIntosh Computers — By Tommy Purser

I’ve used MacIntosh computers forever. They are so much more user friendly the PCs, in my opinion.
But, if a Mac goes on the blink, there’s no one around to fix it. At least no one close around.
Savannah, a 2-hour drive away, is my go-to place when I have computer woes.
Last Wednesday, a woe arose and I drove four hours round trip to drop off my Mac at a Savannah Mac Hospital. Went on a four hour round trip Saturday to pick it up.
Monday morning, I brought my Mac to the office, plugged it up and …. it wouldn’t work. So, I called the Mac-Tech in Savannah, explained my predicament and was told I’d have re-admit it to the Mac Hospital.
In as nice away as is possible under the circumstances, I explained that I had already spent eight hours on the road with my ailing Mac and, if at all possible, I needed it looked at when I arrived rather than waiting until they could work it in.
The Mac-Tech agreed to fill my need, so off again I went to Savannah. It took him an hour or so to cure my Mac’s ills, so that was two hours to get there, an hour to wait, and two hours back to Hazlehurst. That’s five hours wasted on one of my busiest work weeks. By the time I got back, it was time to go to the baseball game. Not much work accomplished Monday.
After the ball game, I worked a few hours and, after a fitfull night’s sleep, I worked Tuesday until 3 p.m., then it was baseball time again.
Did I mention that this week is the week of our graduation edition, one of the two largest editions we have during the year?
If you see me today (Wednesday), talk softly. Be kind. I haven’t had much sleep and I am way too old for this kind of abuse.

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