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County chooses leadership

Two members of the Jeff Davis County Board of Commissioners wanted to be named chairman at the group’s first meeting of 2021 last Tuesday.
Commissioner Vann Wooten asked Commission Chairman Rick Crosby if he wanted to remain chairman and Crosby replied affirmatively.
Then Commissioner Hank Hobbs asked Commissioner Brad Crews if he wanted to be chairman and Crews also replied affirmatively.
Commissioner James Benjamin nominated Crosby to be chairman. Before a second could be made, Hobbs nominated Crews, to which Wooten seconded.
With proper rules of order getting out of hand, new County Attorney Andy Ramay gave the commissioners advice on how to properly make and vote on motions and, in the end, Crews was chosen the new chairman and Hobbs was named vice-chairman.
With that, Crews moved into the chairman’s seat and the meeting got underway.
After approving minutes and bills, Ramay told commissioners he had reviewed a proposed employ grievance policy which he said appeared to be in line with what County Clerk Heather Scott told him the commissioners wanted. He said it was simple and a good policy to adopt. The commissioners then unanimously adopted the policy.
In other action, the commissioners …
… heard from Jeff Davis Hospital CEO Barry Bloom (see story elsewhere).
… approved an amendment to the county leave policy to include special circumstances could be addressed on an individual basis.
… appointed three members to the Jeff Davis County Library Board.
… accepted the high bid from Cliff Lewis to purchase supraus vehicle from the county provided the $526 bid was for each of the vehicles.
…. listened as County Administrator Oakley Perry explained that he had been contacted by Renascent Bank saying a fraudulent check had been run through the county’s account. The bank recommended closing the account and opening a new one. After discussion, the commissioners agreed to open a new account and leave enough money in the old account to cover any outstanding checks.
… discussed the need to use care when closing roads as the closures may increase the distance from a fire station to a home which could result in an increase in the homeowners fire insurance costs.
… met in closed session on a personnnel matter but took no action after the session

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