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Christmas Wishes — By John Reed

Christmas Wishes
There was a time when kids would behave for a least a few days or weeks so they would stay on Santa’s “good” list. The concept of certain behaviors meriting certain outcomes was learned early. Now apparently all you need to do is inhale to merit free college or $20 an hour burger flipping jobs.
In this most…interesting…of years, here are a few Christmas wishes.
I wish our local elections office a separate, larger building of their own. Their current setup crammed in the courthouse has nowhere near enough room for them to do their jobs, much less allow observers to do theirs.
I wish our city’s police department wisdom in replacing a recently departed member. They’ll likely need at least two.
I wish Ryan, Rory, Landon, et al, continued energy and luck as they try to give downtown a shot of new life.
I wish our country at least a short spell of relative tranquility before the 2022 campaign starts January 6. And then I wish for every bit of the negativity from the last four years be heaped back on those who purveyed it…from both parties.
I wish my editorial boss better prosperity in his efforts to keep print journalism alive here.
I wish every face mask maker goes bankrupt as the Covid vaccines take effect….and I wish somebody over the next four years recognizes the extraordinary effort it took to get the vaccine here in record time. Alas, I’m sure the next president and his lackeys will take undeserved credit.
I wish our teachers an extra dose of patience as they deal yet again with so many things they were never trained for.
I wish my most dependable respondents, Old Reliable and the Voice From Afar, extra periods on their keyboards, so that they might finally make a point. (Kidding, guys! I love the counterpoint, and it means at least one or two folks are paying attention.)
And finally, I wish all of you out there in Readerland the merriest of Christmases, and a Happy End of the Old Year!

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