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Daring to speak — By John Reed

Daring to Speak
I’m tired of politics. I’m so ready write about the coming cool weather, fall foliage, or anything not related to Trump and Biden. Nevertheless, here we are.
As a rule I don’t usually respond directly to opposing viewpoints. I prefer readers make up their own minds. However, last week’s writer offered a perfect summation of some of the Left’s philosophy.
On the topic of a business allowing a campaign stop by a candidate, he implied they should have known better. This goes with the idea that free speech has a price. In today’s “cancel culture” anyone who dares express an opinion opposing what “everyone knows is right” risks losing their job, having their business boycotted, or worse.
There’s a reason free speech is in the very first amendment of the Bill of Rights. Free press is an extension of free speech. The free exercise of religion is also free speech. Of all the things that make our country different from all others, the first amendment is certainly at the top.
Later in last week’s response we’re told jobs lost at one business are balanced by gains in another. Fine. Tell that to the folks who lost their jobs.
That same cavalier approach to the economic upheavals espoused by the Left is what concerns conservative voters. Sure, it’s obvious new jobs will be created in new industries like solar and wind power…but that’s small comfort to those in the coal and oil industry who will be left behind.
I will be the first to agree there are many challenges to be faced: the economy, the pandemic, the social fabric itself. But the arrogance of the top-down paternalistic approach that claims to know what’s best for everyone is a sharp departure from our historic individualism.

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