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Death & Taxes — By John Reed

Death & Taxes
We are told the only certainties in life are death and taxes. In these … interesting … times, I think we can find a few more.
It’s certain Trump could cure cancer and his opponents would accuse him of putting doctors out of work. It’s certain another conservative Supreme Court justice will be confirmed before Election Day, no matter how much the Dems howl…just as they would do if they controlled the Senate and the Presidency.
It’s certain that even as Jupiter moves across the autumn sky, Saturn will catch him. Watch the skies December 21 for an example of what some historians think was the Star in the East.
It’s certain we’ll see more enforcement of masks in school, even as they hold (unmasked) football games. Lots of non-contact sports exist, but the gridiron religion makes a mockery of health restrictions.
It’s certain that as groups hold justifiable protests to highlight social injustices, outliers will come in and cause trouble. It’s equally certain most politicians on the Left are either afraid or incapable of telling the difference. Those on the right run the risk of fanning the flames by overreacting in the other direction. Are there any level heads on any side? I fear not.
It’s certain that both sides will claim victory after every debate. It’s also certain that virtually everyone has already made up their minds who they’re voting for. But it should make for entertaining television. I’ve got the popcorn ready.
It’s certain our local election officials are more than competent and are committed to a fair and free election. It’s certain the losers will blame the system and employ lots of lawyers to try to prove their point. This election will boil down to whose supporters actually vote.
And finally, it’s certain the only people who have a right to complain are the ones who voted. Between mail-ins, early voting, absentee ballots, and actual in-person Election Day voting, there are far too many ways to make your choice count to have any excuse.
If you can get to Walmart, you can get to a polling place. If you can get to city hall to pay your water bill, you can walk over to the courthouse. If you need a picture ID to drive, to bank, to receive welfare or WIC benefits, to hunt, to do a hundred other things, you can use one to vote.
No excuse. Make your vote count!

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