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My Class Of 2020 Grandsons — By Tommy Purser

I have two grandsons that are members of the Class of 2020. One at Jeff Davis High School, the other at Georgia Southern University.
My high school senior, Braydon Creech, will hopefully enjoy his commencement exercise with his fellow graduates June 19.
My college senior, Trey Purser, was honored in a virtual commencement exercise last month. I doubt he enjoyed it.
While my 18-year-old grandson has college to look forward to, my 21-year-old grandson is looking for a job in a virtually jobless market.
While I feel badly for Braydon, I ache to my core for Trey.
This is the time for him and his fellow graduates to get on with their lives in the future they have trained for. But the future is hazy, undefinable, unsure.
I recall that upon my graduation from college I had several job opportunities to choose from. I had the luxury of deciding for myself what I would do and where I and my young bride would put down roots.
Trey doesn’t have that luxury, for he has passed through the door from childhood to adulthood with few opportunities available.
I ache for him. And millions of parents across the nation share my pain.

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