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Let The Sun Shine In — By John Reed

Let The Sun Shine In
Regular readers will recall the distaste I’ve expressed for what some call “contemporary” church services. Three or four people yodeling non-Scriptural platitudes into microphones while video projectors display nature scenes just doesn’t do it for me. One of the few silver linings of our new reality is what I’ll call “drive-in” church.
While some churches are broadcasting their services online or via radio or television, those with less money or technology have simply rigged up a loudspeaker for the preacher to do his thing while the parishioners listen in their cars in the parking lot with their windows down. This way we can be separated from all the other plague carriers, but still hear the sermon.
The silver lining comes with what else we can hear: birds singing, crickets chirping, cows lowing. Last Sunday, one particularly energetic rooster made it a point to emphasize everything the pastor was saying. Natural sunlight filtered through the trees, the shade dappling the grass and brush underneath.
Most modern churches don’t even have windows anymore. The intruding daylight interferes with the video shows. So the opportunity to experience worship, prayer, and sermons amid a natural surrounding was refreshing.
Whenever we get back to some form of normalcy, I expect we’ll go back inside. But maybe, just maybe we’ll have a renewed appreciation of what we have.

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