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This “shelter in place” business doesn’t appeal all that much to me.
I can’t sit around doing nothing. I’ve tried. Can’t do it.
So, for a while, I spent a lot of my shelter-in-place time in my little woodworking shop. But after slicing my right index finger plumb near in two on a table saw a few weeks back I’ve been a bit “saw shy.” It took me over two weeks to dare to turn on a saw again but, still, my woodworking time is down considerably.
So the good wife has been absolutely giddy over how much I’ve been working outside on her little yard projects.
Actually, they haven’t been all that little as I’ve spent lots and lots of hours tending to the yard and she’s spent lots and lots of money buying all the things she wants in the yard.
I’ve got to hand it to her, though, she’s been a big help — with a little prodding from me in the form of moaning about my aching back and eschewing any work that might lead to aggravating my still-healing right index finger.
Which reminds me …. I’m getting quite adept at typing without the use of that right index finger. I type without it by using my right middle finger as a substitute. It’s a little faster than hunt-and-peck but correcting all the mistakes I make takes up a lot of time.
But the finger’s getting better and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to save it.
But when the bandage finally comes off, I’m going to have a horrendously ugly finger.

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