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Glynn Police, DA’s Office Problems Continue — By Tommy Purser

The initial bungling of the Ahmaud Arbery shooting in Brunswick brought to my mind another disturbing case involving the Glynn County Police Department and the Brunswick District Attorney’s Office.
That case was almost 10 years ago — June 18, 2010 — when two police officers opened fire on an unarmed woman whose car was hemmed in by two police cars.
Eight bullets tore through the windshield striking 35-year-old Caroline Small in her head and face.
According to an article in the AJC months later, Glynn County police officers interfered with the GBI’s investigation, seeking to protect the officers; the department tampered with the crime scene and created misleading evidence shown to the grand jury; and the district attorney shared the state’s evidence with the officers nearly two months before the grand jury convened and cut an unusual deal with them just before it met.
The grand jury ruled the shooting was justified. Later, a jury member regretted the ruling saying he felt like he let the lady down.
A GBI agent involved in investigating the shooting said it was the worst he had ever investigated. “I don’t think it’s a good shoot. I don’t think it’s justified,” he said.
The officers were never punished.

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