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Kemp Extends COVID-19 Orders

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has issued a number of executive orders in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in the state.
His original executive order declaring a Public Health State of Emergency was set to expire April 13. Kemp issued another order extending the state of emergency through May 13, unless renewed by the governor.
The governor’s executive order known as Shelter In Place, set to expire April 13, has been extended to April 30.
The executive order requiring the closing of certain businesses across the state and allowing “Critical Infrastructure” to remain open was also extended to April 30.
Gov. Kemp also issued an executive order addressing the COVID-19 dangers for nursing homes which, among other things, prohibits visitors and non-essential personnel into nursing homes, personal care facilities, etc. The order includes a long list of requirements health care facilities and their employees must follow in an effort to prevent the spread of the disease among residents.
Gov. Kemp empowered the Georgia National Guard Adjutant General to call National Guard troops to State Active Duty at the request of the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency. The order brings the total authorization to 3,000 troops.

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