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Parker Running For Sheriff

Geoffery Parker this week announced his candidacy for Sheriff of Jeff Davis County.
In making his announcement, Parker said:
“I would like to announce my candidacy for the office of the Sheriff of Jeff Davis County.  I have been in law enforcement for 25 years. With my love of my home town, I wanted to work with the citizens of Jeff Davis County. I started out in Hazlehurst as a Police Officer. Over 23 years, I rose through the ranks to become Deputy Chief of Police. I have spent the last three years as a Captain with the Lyons Police Department. I have worked hard in my profession by attending training and providing training to officers.
“My wife, Tonia, and I were raised here in Hazlehurst. We have two children, Mallorie and Joshua. Mallorie is married to Dylan Walsh, and they gave us our first grandchild, Teagan. We attend the First United Methodist Church.
“I ask the voters of Jeff Davis to elect me as their Sheriff. I want to work with the citizens to provide an environment where our children and grandchildren can grow and prosper. I would like to offer the citizens a community minded and service oriented Sheriff. Please Vote for Geoffrey Parker on May 19, 2020 for Sheriff of Jeff Davis County.”

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